Terms & Conditions

Performance Agreement

Your Performance Licence Agreement is drawn up based on the information which you have submitted to tiptopscripts.co.uk and as stated on your invoice receipt – which is supplied after Tiptop Scripts receives payment.

If there is any discrepancy, or a change is required, we must be notified in writing (email is acceptable) as soon as possible. Failure to inform us of any change may constitute a violation of your Agreement.


All programmes, web pages, publicity, and advertising in connection with performances of the Property, in all media (including print and electronic), shall contain the following notes:

This production is presented by arrangement with TiptopScripts.co.uk

Written by Ben Bracken & Caroline Barfoot.

Agreement on Licence Payment

Upon receipt of all payments due hereunder, your invoice receipt shall form the Performance Licence Agreement (“Agreement” or “Licence”) entered into as of the Effective Date by and between Tiptop Scripts, The Rest, Chapel Road, Soberton Heath, Southampton, SO32 3PP (“Tiptop Scripts” or “Licensor”) and (“Licensee” or “you”).

Please note, this agreement is not a Licence document until ‘Tiptop Scripts’ receives payment in full, as specified herein.

Paying the fees confirms you agree to adhere to all the terms detailed in this document.


The total period during which the Licensee is authorised to present its production is referred to as the “Performance Dates” (as stated on your invoice) – which is supplied after Tiptop Scripts receives payment. Any additional perfomances outside this stated period would constitute a breach of this Agreement and be charged for accordingly.

This Agreement is not transferable to any other production other than the one licensed. The rights Licensed under this Agreement may not be sublicensed and/or otherwise conveyed by Licensee to any other person.

Performance Date Changes

The Licensee will PROMPTLY notify Tiptop Scripts in writing of any and all proposed changes in Performance Dates whatsoever, including, but not limited to, additional performances, rescheduled performances, cancellations, postponements, etc., all of which are subject to the prior written approval of Tiptop Scripts. Please note that additional fees may be applied for any changes made.


Failure to strictly comply with any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement may result in the immediate termination of this Agreement and/or any such other agreements by Tiptop Scripts in its sole and absolute discretion. In the event of termination, all amounts owing under this Agreement remain payable in full and shall be retained by Tiptop Scripts in addition to any other rights or remedies that Tiptop Scripts may be entitled to assert for breach of contract.

Promotional Merchandise

The Licensee may not create merchandise of any kind based on the Property, whether for sale, promotional use, or free distribution, without prior written permission from Tiptop Scripts.

Please note, however, that theatrical programmes are exempt from this rule, so may be produced and distributed without written permission.

Video Licence

Please note. The video licence only gives permission to record the script. It does not convey permission to record copyright music.

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