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Warm Salutations

Greetings, old beans. Bracken and Barfoot are delighted to welcome you to TipTop Scripts.

Using our oodles of experience of acting, directing and stage-managing shows (and because we are rather partial to having a jolly good laugh), we decided to have a go at writing together. And by jove have we had some fun creating ‘Snow White 2 – Happy Ever After?’.

We are rather pleased with our first endeavour – so we would like to share it with you.

Travel with us as we wend our way through the mists of strange, long-forgotten lands, encountering a rich feast of colourfully quirky characters. We bring you crowd-pleasing spectaculars, featuring charm-filled princesses to black-hearted witches – from miserable mice to enchanted kings. A fine tapestry of peregrinations, emblazoned with many a tumble and a twisty turn.

Magical Lands Await You

If you would like to peruse a reading copy of ‘Snow White 2 – Happy Ever After’, please be so kind as to complete the small form below and we will send you a pdf forthwith and at no charge to your good self.

We only ask that you be a jolly good fellow, and don’t share it, copy it or, heavens forbid, nefariously purloin it to use without the express licensing permission of Monsieur Bracken and Madame Barfoot!

Yours tiptoppingly,
Bracken and Barfoot

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